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  1. knuckshaft
  2. Bg86
    Awaiting parts...
    1. knuckshaft
      What kind of parts? I can get ahold of some gn stuff
      Mar 16, 2015
    2. Bg86
      I'm waiting on nissan parts.The gn is good for now haven't decided how radical its gonna be. Its fun for a mid 12 sec car.
      Mar 17, 2015
  3. knuckshaft
    Post up people!
  4. knuckshaft
    1989 Nissan Skyline GTS-t Type-M Sedan : LS6/T56 swapped. Going to be tossing on a 88mm gt45 soon.
  5. Bg86
    1. knuckshaft
      Only way to do life!
      Mar 10, 2015
    2. Bg86
      Yes sir it is!
      Mar 10, 2015
  6. 1FSTGT
    1FSTGT AustinTAtious
    I have an 2003 cobra hood
  7. flink
    flink Kabooki
    Huge longshot, but do you still have the Killer Instinct arcade machine??

    Thanks! :)

    timothyyorek @ mac dot com
  8. tibbar
    tibbar dcg9381
    Hey there I just got my car up and running on a ms1 extra 3.0 board and was womdering if you would have some spare time some weekend where I could get your help eith some fine tuning. My car is a turbo vw vr6 cabrio I built myself just would like some pointers so I dont screw anything up.
  9. Airbratv2.0
    OMG I'm so awesome!
  10. genralgoose
    genralgoose CARBON_240
    im interested in your block how did it run why did you take out of the car will you take trades i have some very nice enki 15 inch rims with decent tires very good shape wanna even trade for the block 512-797-8879 text me your answer i have pics
  11. JRW-910
    JRW-910 andre@experformance
    I'm your guy... email me at
  12. andre@experformance
    andre@experformance JRW-910
    Who would I need to speak about getting a vendor/sponsorship setup on here?