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    The legend of Buddha Maitreya


    Speaking of Buddha Maitreya sure that the majority of you will remember the image of a seated Buddha beat his chest, fat, belly and grinning. Sometimes you can see him next 6 kid, child, the ear hook, the hook mouth boy, boy is tickling etc ... The image of it as a joke. I do not know why there is a joke in this temple. That means we need to know. Maitreya comes to faith we must study history from India to China to you from mistakes. Many heresies now up Maitreya Buddha to place their standards to attract Buddhists. Maitreya is the ancient name of the service. Later translated into several other names, but because we are accustomed is called Maitreya Buddha.

    Maitreya word is transliterated Sanskrit, translated as Train From Market (Market as they, from the compassionate). There are theories that when his mother pregnant His compassion fails start being killed and not eat fish, so say the "word". Since his birth mother places so called from the Market. But there are other theories say more. Since his ancient practice of compassion tam-soot so later named Tu Thi. But his name is A-ample multi-voice services as well as Sanskrit. Chinese words are translated by Nan Thang Vo (Vo is not, Nan is difficult) ie can not be any more. For Him for wisdom and virtues are fewer people, so called Unknown Win Nan. It is talking about the Buddha by our habits. If the business says they called Maitreya Bodhisattva. In it the Buddha, Maitreya Bodhisattva is one who has a history of being in the South Tian Zhu, in line Ba-la-goal. After meeting the Buddha, He ordained practicing bodhisattva well. That picture is so clear history in South Tian Zhu.

    Many economic survey, my first lead of A-levels. School A-levels have to say this: He says that later in Ta-her realm, the human mind is increasingly evil, ten good karma they ignore that always create more bad karma. So they never evil and now you ten ancient treasure ten karma and life being reduced to ten years old, the last of Maitreya Buddha was born. As much bad karma in this life that fell. Ever human life is only eleven years old, and our life is now considered to be a hundred years old so, then the world will have the military training accident. Legionary here is not people killing each other, but the grass leaves can also turn into sharp sword. We cut and die cut. Through military training accident to accident disability which means sickness epidemic diseases. So the majority of people in this world dying only a few people left practice early on a mountain hide. They lived leftovers. When they lived through the time and then dies, they find their family relatives dead, surviving only a few thin people, at that time, they knew that from that time until now his evil clan now new death such retribution. So they devote ten good again. When you start practicing healthy ten increase their life expectancy, just a hundred years, increased age. Never to be aged sixty four thousand years old, then people crowded behind the net, do good, the Buddha was born under the tree at Longhua Longhua called meeting. So imagine you now we are in the age at which eighty-five per cent down on a one-year-old, was reduced to ten years, and he rose up to sixty four thousand years old, the time from here How far to go there? According to the Buddha, the Buddha to destroy the faith-admissions Maitreya also enter Nirvana. Where fairies birth to his interest in the e-lived four thousand years old. Then he is born in the world Ta-she, enlightenment under the tree Longhua being taught next Buddha Shakyamuni. So how long seemed Buddha born? Yet there are some in the audience said that Maitreya Buddha heard the Longhua life, and they make up less meals Maitreya Buddha was born, a few meals to the Longhua etc. ... It's heresy to cheat Buddhists school fool that does not understand Buddhism, there is the Buddha himself or his own fans that will await Maitreya Buddha. Do you consider, if we believe that Maitreya Buddha is only one processor to supply phen Where sun-power, the latter being lower in Ta-her world a Buddha, if Buddha-word in the song says, they I have always believed the time was the day Buddha was born. We believe Maitreya Buddha, Longhua is the time to forget it. Then just indifferent, every heard of Maitreya Buddha is born rushed to seek worship etc. ... It is a big mistake to take advantage of the word heresy Buddhist propaganda and superstition. The true Buddhist should understand that. It was my study of history from the roof of being called Maitreya, Maitreya and Maitreya birth to the chapel. The Buddha of which are so-ca said. Watch carefully and then the business, we know the history Maitreya, so do not listen to some people talk, messed up. That we speak of Maitreya Buddha in India.

    Now talk to the Maitreya Buddha in China. Maitreya Buddha back to China when? Actually, if based on the image we just do not have the moral image of the Bodhisattva in India, which is the image of Maitreya in China. It is a stubby paunchy old man, so Maitreya in China and not in India. Maitreya was born in China when? That we have to see again. There are many theories say Maitreya is now at the top of the sky Where-interest. His time yet to teach beings in this world. But to understand the spirit of Mahayana Buddhism, the bodhisattva is reported body, and the body is transformed. Depending on the basis of his being that the relative amount of confusion can not be measured. So China should have told me that roughly two incarnations of Maitreya Bodhisattva. An incarnation called Can You Increase Quoc Thanh Pagoda near Sui life, ie at about the sixth century. Saying that he had a temple near National City, and am going to preach the place where it. There too, when he rode the tiger, we found in the temple of crisis. As to when no one is measuring. At one time he held the posts of a boy named Thap Pagoda Dac. Sometimes he has a tattered dress came out cold in the mountains, snow covered themselves called South Mountain. South Dak Son and Cross be treated as two beggars in the temple. They are two of the tattered dress sleeping in the hallway. Go forward to meals we ate it all, and the excess sludge poured something back for him. Sometimes they also collect water underfloor rice, rinse and eat. They regarded the temple as his two equally beggars, but that is what is more strange when two inspired him to write poetry. The poems of his that no one understands anything. One day, suddenly, after a lunch break them up before, he climbed up two of his old foe and his Van-Samantabhadra sitting. An increase in the lower his health suddenly rose up, surprised that such a new process to run away or tell him abbot. He abbot pulled down two hoppers rebuked him everything before. The two are close friends of his weight gain. You Can Increase president then. One day district boss incurable disease, his dream that he is claiming Can Increase Maitreya told him to worship Bodhisattva-specific documents, Samantabhadra and just gave him a drinking cure disease. Want to worship at the temple two then called South Korea asks Thanh Son, Dac Cross because that document-specific Bodhisattva and Samantabhadra. He said that district only find healing medicine, new look to the temple to see two Chinese Qing Han Son, Dac Cross. When he saw his abbot asked the district to two bum notes in the temple, he is not afraid to cry too. But he said he longed districts have two there. Forcing him abbot invited two out. The two held hands go up. And when I saw him two districts down kneeling bow MOP. The two new laughs and says: "The old lever set up makes it exposed to it." Both him, plucking the jungle carrying another run lost. Hence that is the embodiment of the two-foe Van, Pho Hien, and his weight gain is the embodiment of Maitreya. But they knew what was right, no one expected them to worship fully.

    One other tenth century of the Chinese team called the Venerable Father. The intimacy that most of us, that is, the old man turned the big push, round face, smile, belly, chest amber shirt. The Venerable His father always turned a big bag, take place in the human experience is something he would like to leave here. East to a place with a child, he sat down for their division, they have fun with it. So one sees his mouth always amused laugh. That picture Maitreya, a Buddhist monk big belly, fat, grinning.
    Why is he called the Venerable Father is Maitreya?

    Said that he would go so many strange things happened to him too. In the history of say enough, here I just comb some essential points for you know only. He would go and live in a province such time Pearl. At that place where he wandered that. Time is the holy one of Zen in China. One day he met Venerable Tang Thao asked: "How Great the Dharma?"'re Shooting to be on His shoulders down immediately. The Venerable ask: "That's it, or is the way forward?" He took his bag and went to the shoulder. That was his answer.

    In the history of Zen Buddhism, the question is, The Legend That brought Rinzai asked Hoang Lien The sticks were eaten. Here the Venerable his father for that question, he was just letting the ground. Questions are the way forward again, he took up the role to be plucking. The picture is how? So that people still do not know how, whereabouts and how? But one day he soon passed away, recently returned from the temple. Sitting on his desk as a verse jelly and president. That verse like this:

    Maitreya Maitreya feet

    Immediate memory and user friendly

    The time period of the market

    Time of unconscious self

    He said: Maitreya Maitreya truth. Clone of all memories. Often taught people life. The world does not know himself. Through that verse became known that the venerable father incarnation of Lord Maitreya. So Maitreya want to draw people immediately draw the venerable father. It is Maitreya in China. Now we worship is worship that Buddha images. Dogs Bodhisattva Maitreya in India, I do not know. As Maitreya faith in the power supply as heaven-knows no more. We just know Maitreya incarnation in China with an image as the venerable father. It is the study of history.

    This new sense talking about Maitreya Buddha, chickened out on New Year's Day. On chickened chickened out on what is the Maitreya. In India they do not know the day, the two incarnations in China, three generations, did not know what day. Speaking at the power-supply heaven as did not know more.
    So on the day Maitreya chickened chickened what?

    We do not think that waiting is the birth date of the new president called on chickened out. This is the deep meaning of Zen. The group has cleverly chosen to do on New Year's Day chickened Maitreya Buddha. We worshiped him with questions: Cardinals' Longhua or give birth to future Buddha Maitreya Sun. Patriarchs world view that New Year's Day is the day for a year to dispose of. On the conservative people each word, each act cautiously, wary of visiting their names, all sorts of things conservatively. So on New Year's Day is full significance of his future. In the temple on the first day of the new year mean? The group took on the first day of the new year to date chickened Maitreya Buddha is also brilliant future days, future days will become a Buddha. Morning of the first of our Lord Buddha, Lord Maitreya chickened out, is to put all the hope in the future, we hope will become a Buddha. Do not expect anything luxurious rich but hopes to become a Buddha. That is the deepest meaning of the first day of Chinese New Year holidays to our Buddha Maitreya.

    Second meaning is the image of Maitreya laugh. That is the picture of happiness. So there is room for a noun instead of Maitreya back to a happy man.

    Why are people happy? At this point I stepped into deeper stages of Zen.

    Q: What is the main idea Dharma?

    - He threw his bag down but did not answer anything.

    Q: There is no way forward?

    - He was turned up as that goes.

    Great attention no wonder Buddhism. Frankly e bothers you, but do not tell that secret e.

    Great attention has only one word dharma is to be discharged. Acceptance means to accept the workers themselves, fall, Buddhism, power, fame, etc. ... So let go of all that which is of the Dhamma. Speaking so that your e confusing.

    I told the story a little bit ordinary but no less important. To see The Royal Ba Huyen Nghia Lam Te, a Zen Meditation highest indoor, mid-line lives. He taught that, just have a full generosity is all. Giving this item is for the other dishes, or discharge, or give up. Only one well is fully discharged all. Talking about the virtues of Monk, promoting his Master, his critics say his followers in Matsu, on the Shan eighty knowledge, but when it comes to diarrhea, or say a little more rustic if comes to human diarrhea, only Venerable Master Tong's full human land diarrhea. Speaking of diarrhea, do not you think its rustic style, that is discharge all. Only Venerable Master Tong is discharging all people. The discharge is the most precious human worth.

    So clearly you are a legal discharge that reaches the fullness of direction, if the Zen saying. So after he let go of the bag down and then, asking for anything else, he turned over his shoulder bag. Go out there and do not think that, I thought nothing more. The release of all right, I turned up a new role in order. So the temple is the "Let's all be all." But to put it all to be all, I was involved too. Now just put all of that is enough. The discharge of the well is very deep place and take us to a place of supreme liberation. So in the Zen saying we do not have an option of teaching people that just means removing the key nailed it. Key is removed nailed discharge, the mortgage break. Discharge is done.


    At this point I went into teaching to you more easily find it easier to cultivate. Speaking of discharge is said to be happy to hear your most frequently used noun is equanimity. Two of which one is which one is the result. We can say that human joy, discharge is effective, the opposite can also be said that the rapture is effective discharge. Why is that? As you do every day can make you a little upset that his frustrating. As frustrating not fun. Now the people that I apologize, I was immediately happy new neighbor. There is no excuse to be angry. Where is the joy, the effective discharge. Fun but forgive them, so new is fine. Anger can not be forgiven. Where is that happy people. Because its fun to their new exhaust, new exhaust is the result. But people here say that happiness is the most pleasant discharge is effective. Because we have our new exhaust was fun. If we can not be discharged, we are never happy. I said something very trivial, as fellow believers in your family, a husband to a wife displeased, miffed at each other for fun? Do not talk to each other, not at each other. Ever been discharged, the last time it was fun talking. Such cases are due to the discharge of fun. If no discharge, no fun. That small example, my broader examples. Our case to the outside world or your friends, if they have raped his actions or his words above. Then you do? I have peace about her that? Not happy that's why? In saying that he remembered his guard, or bully her, he raped weak power dependence. When thinking about home so they could not sleep, forever rolling is not alone. Want to do is sleep? If you still think people bully her, guarding her people. Then you feel happy or not? Probably never fully happy. At the time of negativity in my life in the three poisons are not happy. Now that that's out is what is happiness. So how in the Buddha, one day he went begging in the Ba-la-keeper, Mrs. leader that his Brahmin emerged follow Him. He went before he followed scolded. He scolded scolded him much to go on slowly. Go to the crossroads he is going to sit. He ran to the front to ask: "You lost me yet?" He immediately replied with a verse:

    The more, the more resentment

    Losers restless sleep

    More than losing two were discharged

    He slept in peace

    More than that, the person who should resentment. His resentment that people are happy or not? Lost people are lying about not sleeping through the back nostalgic. Thus both the root of suffering, of sorrow. The more the loss of the two then he went off his left in peace to sleep. At night they lie down to sleep legs dry, worry not count, not bothered at all.

    It was happy. Where does happiness? From the discharge of that, but we just cuddled nostalgic sorrow in my heart how happy they are. You remember, if we do not blow the family is just angry wife is not mad at me nostalgic fun. Out of this social bully on his mind, the other guard told her, his contempt of it, whatever that hug the inside the abdomen so that person is always suffering, always disturbing out. Only those who think the guard said as the wind blows out his ears, and mind crave sleep dry, that's what happiness. Whoever indoors as well as outside having something miffed, see it as a mistake of not missing anything important of all, there is nothing to worry, so new people are happy people.

    First year, we wish to know one another, a year full of happiness. Wishing every happiness anxiety skeptical how happy they are. So just a mere wish.

    Here I do not wish for you all that just advised: "In this episode of diarrhea quite a bit," as long as you get diarrhea when he Tong Qui overflowing that you will be happy.

    That's just say my own little happy world. And if it comes to more sublime happiness, which is reached at the glass liberation taught in the context we do not accept, accept people, do not accept the mind, not law enforcement. If we let go of the ones that accept the current Nirvana, eternal happiness. Failing that is discharged. Drain the fact that new permanent happiness. So says the Lord Maitreya is said to be happy Chinese petal symbolizes Him in His image the venerable father, a happy smiling pictures always ready petal.

    So this year you holiday Buddha Maitreya is well remembered petal His mouth remembered his happy laugh. If you live to be so happy that you are happy not only in the present but of the eternal happiness in Nibbana.

    That is the meaning of Maitreya Buddha that today we say.

    Four Namo Buddha Shakyamuni
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